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Complete renovation of kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms and deck additions


  • Gorgeous wood flooring restored after tearing out carpeting
  • Smoke and mildew stained walls and ceilings repaired
  • Reconfiguration of kitchen and entrance to maximize the floor plan


old livingroom
new livingroom


The overhaul of this dilapidated 2-bedroom home turned this property into a contemporary cottage and almost doubled it's market value in just one year. By focusing on renovations that would make the most impact for the least amount of investment, LPC was able to transform this property under a very constricted budget.

Throughout the home, shag carpeting was removed to reveal original wood flooring. By restoring the wood flooring, adding in new windows, and removing and replacing smoke stained wall paper with fresh paint and trim; the home was transformed into a clean and welcoming living space.

old bedroom
new bedroom


The original floor plan was also modified to create a more spacious environment. Originally, the entrance to the home would bring guests through an already tight kitchen. By moving the entrance to be between the kitchen and living room, additional space was created in the kitchen. Decks were also added to further enhance the illusion of spaciousness. Finally, the kitchen received all new appliances, refinished cabinets and new linoleum.

old bedroom
new bedroom