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Complete renovation of the bathroom, new exterior siding and window/interior panel replacement


  • Glass block windows used in bathroom allow natural light and privacy
  • New sunken tub with ceramic tiled splash guards to prevent future dry rot
  • Pedestal sink replacement helped to create more space in the small bathroom


This 3-bedroom ranch home received a spectacular facelift by replacing the exterior siding and windows. By making these renovations, the home probably gained another 50 years of life and gave it a more modern look.

The bathroom was gutted and repaired to create a more luxurious and space efficient room. By adding in a glass block window, natural light was let into the originally dark and damp space, while maintaining privacy. A new tub and tile walls were also added to help prevent any future water damage. Lastly, a new pedastal sink was included to make the cramped bathroom feel more spacious, while still keeping it functional.