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Larry Pease Construction (LPC) is a licensed, full-service construction company operating out of Brookings, Oregon. We specialize in renovations, add-ons and new construction, but we also work on smaller projects as well. We bring over 20 years of experience to every job and are willing to customize your project to meet your needs. Through our value-driven approach, we strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients with the aim of repeat business. LPC has a firm commitment to client satisfaction and a track record of delivery that is to spec, on time and within budget. We pride ourselves in being a business built on a foundation of quality and customer loyalty. Feel free to contact us about your future project needs.



New Construction: Two-story horse barn with loft storage and horse corral


  • Metal corrugated roof with skylights
  • Rough-milled pine windows made with recycled glass from old sliding glass doors
  • Suspended sliding doors throughout